Japanese Bantam Breeders Association 

  breeders of the quaint    founded in 1947

2000 Constitution and By Laws

Article I  Name

Section 1    This organization shall be known as the Japanese Bantam Breeders Association. (JBBA)
Section 2    The Post Office address of the Secretary-Treasurer shall be considered headquarters.
Article II  Objective
Section 1    The object of this association shall be to encourage he breeding and improving of Japanese Bantams.
Section 2    Additionally, a goal shall be to strive for good fellowship and integrity among Association members.
Article III -Membership
Section 1    Any breeder or fancier of good character and reputation may become an active member of this association.
Section 2    All applications for membership MUST be accompanied by the following dues:
$15 per year for Family membership.
$10 per year for Individual membership.
$5 per year for Junior membership.(under 18 years)
Section 3    Membership shall be acknowledged by the Association membership card and shall date from January1to
                   December 31.  A member shall not be stricken from the roster until three months have passed without
                   payment of dues.
Article IV  Officers
Section 1     The Association officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and eight
                   District Directors, known as the Board of Directors.
Section 2     The officers shall serve for two years.
Section 3     The officers will be elected by mail ballot printed in The Journal. (official JBBA newsletter)
Article V   Districts
Section 1  For the purpose of electing Directors, and for the convenience in holding sectional meets, the Association
                constitutes the following districts:
                District 1: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and Connecticut.
                District 2: Pennsylvania, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, and New Jersey.
                District 3: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan.
                District 4: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and
                                West Virginia.
                District 5: Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.
                District 6: Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.
                District 7: Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Wyoming.
                District 8: Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.
Article VI-Amendments
Section 1    To alter or amend this Constitution & By-Laws shall require a two-thirds majority of votes cast and
                   voted on at the time of election of officers.
Article VII-National Meet
Section 1     The National Meet shall be placed by accepting bids from clubs wishing to host the meet.  The meet
                    shall be awarded to the club offering the best advantage to the JBBA membership.  It was further resolved
                    (non-binding) that the bids be reviewed by the Executive Committee, and when no one bid offers a clear
                    advantage to the Association, the Executive Committee will seek input from the membership by placing an
                    advertisement in The Journal before placing the meet.
Article VIII-Committees
Section 1     The President shall appoint all such special and standing committees as may be authorized by the
                    Board of Directors.  The Board shall define the powers of such committees and their duties.
Article IX-Annual Meeting
Section 1      The annual meeting of the Association shall be upon such a date each year and such a place as the Board
                    of Directors may designate. Written notice of this meeting must be sent to the last known mailing address
                    of each active, contributing, and honorary member at least two weeks prior to the date of said meeting.
Article X-Duties of Officers
Section 1      President: The President is the chief executive officer and shall preside at all meetings and appoint all
                     special committees and election commissioners, and shall have the authority to appoint any officer resigning,
                     or through death or inability to handle their office properly.
Section 2      Vice President: The Vice President shall attend to the duties of the President during absence of the President.
Section 3      Secretary-Treasurer:  It shall be the duty of the Secretary-Treasurer to conduct all correspondence of the
                     Association and to keep a correct accounting of the receipts of the Association expenditures, submit a
                     financial report with each newsletter, and to announce the places of all National, District, and State Meets as
                     soon as possible.
Article XI-Executive Board
Section 1      The District Directors shall constitute the Executive Board and through their mutual understanding appoint a
                     President if the case may arise. The appointed President will hold office until the next election is held.
Section 2      The District Directors will appoint a State Representative for each state in the US which has members
                     in the Association. These State Representatives are to be appointed for two years, and a list of names
                     is to be given to the Secretary-Treasurer.
Section 3      All specials offered by the Association shall be open to competition to members only. The State Meets
                    shall be conducted by members of the respective state. Special Meets shall be financed by members of the
                    Association.  In this way, more specials can be awarded at the National and District Meets.
District Director Duties:
  • Appoint a State Director for each state in your District, as warranted. A current State Director may be asked to remain and serve    for another term, or a new State Director may be appointed for the two-year term of the District Director.
  • Remain in frequent contact with your State Directors (and members at large) so that consideration may be given to placements of meets a year in advance. Place your meets a year in advance whenever possible.  Rotating the location of meets is advised so that all areas have an opportunity to host meets.
  • One District Meet and one State Meet per state each year is to be assigned.  All other meets must be termed "Special Meets." A State Meet receives $10 from the JBBA to be distributed as follows: $5 for Best Japanese and $5 for Reserve.  District Meets receive $20 to be distributed $15 for Best Japanese and $5 for Reserve.  The National Meet receives $50 from the JBBA to be distributed $25 for Best Japanese and $25 for Reserve.  Monies may also be distributed by the District Director as he or she sees fit.
  • Please contact the Secretary-Treasurer so that prize monies may be sent to the show secretary to be distributed to the winners the day of the show.Special Meets are sponsored by a member of the Association, and prizes or monies distributed as that member wishes.  The amount and nature of the prizes is up to the sponsoring member. Keep in mind that meets should not be assigned "wholesale" to any and all who request them.
  • Think about location, accessibility, season of the year, financial support necessary, etc., before the assignments are made. To place a meet you need to send the appropriate reporting form and, catalog advertisement copy to the host club, and at the same time notify the Secretary-Treasurer of the meet.  These materials are available on request from the Secretary-Treasurer or other Association officer.
State Director Duties:
  • Keep in frequent contact with the District Director who appointed you. Should you wish to remain as State Director after the two-year term for which you were appointed, you should contact the newly-appointed District Director and tell him or her you would like to remain as State Director.
  • Assign only one State Meet per year.  You may recommend a particular show or location to your District Director, but the final decision is up to the District Director as to meet placement.  Meets should be assigned as far in advance as possible so preparations can be made. A year in advance is preferable.
  • Encourage members to sponsor Special Meets at shows.
Special Note:
With fellowship being one of the main purposes of the JBBA, the President of the club feels it appropriate to mention the tradition being carried on by some of the members. At a number of JBBA meets in the past several years there have been very successful get-togethers held after the judging. We have made it a regular event to go to dinner together and "talk chicken." We sincerely hope that others in the JBBA establish similar traditions. District Directors are encouraged to take the lead in arranging fellowship events.