Japanese Bantam Breeders Association 

  breeders of the quaint    founded in 1947

Official JBBA logo, created in 1953

The Japanese Bantam Breeders Association is the official breed club of the Japanese Bantam, also known worldwide as the Chabo.  As an association, we are dedicated to maintaining a high degree of quality for the breed.  We are responsible for admitting new varieties to the ABA and ABA Standards of Perfection .  It is our mission to promote the breeding and showing of Japanese Bantams and to encourage fellowship among breeders.

You are welcome to join us in the different discussion groups, including the Japanese Bantam group on Yahoo Groups, on Facebook, and at any of the many poultry shows throughout the year.  You need not be a member to compete with us oat shows, however you are encouraged to join us if you wish.

We have created a Hall of Fame to recognize breeders who have made significant contributions to the breed. Members are encouraged to nominate individuals and teams who have gone above and beyond in improving and promoting our breed.